Warning and Measuring Systems

The NEOC has access to data from a wide range of warning and measuring systems within the Emergency Organisation Radioactivity (EOR). The NEOC has its own NADAM monitoring network as well as the aerial radiometry service, which it operates jointly with the Swiss air force. Other monitoring networks and measurement instruments belong to federal and cantonal partner organisations of the NEOC. In an emergency, deployment of the Emergency Organisation Radioactivity (EOR) is initiated and coordinated by NEOC.

There are basic differences between monitoring networks and mobile measurement facilities. Monitoring networks ensure a constant flow of information. They have a permanent location from which they transmit current radioactivity values. If these values exceed the prescribed limits, the alarm is automatically raised in the NEOC. Mobile measurement devices can be used in specific cases to supplement the data from the stationary networks. Where necessary, air or soil samples can be collected which are then evaluated by the different laboratories. Even measurements from people can be taken if the ingestion of radioactivity is suspected.

The NEOC evaluates the vast quantities of data collected using tailor-made programmes and from this generates graphs and maps. Based on these documents, the measures which should be taken and the information which the population should receive are determined.