Protective measures

Should an incident with increased radioactivity occur, it is imperative that the risk to public health is minimised.
Instructions on the protective measures to be taken are based on the concept for countermeasures according to the dose level (DMK). It sets out the relevant measures according to the situation and the expected radiation levels.

The municipalities are responsible for preparing, carrying out and monitoring the prescribed protective measures.

In the acute phase, the NEOC is responsible for issuing instructions on protective measures. Among the most important protective measures are:

  • Staying indoors, taking cover in a cellar or protective shelter;
  • Taking iodine tablets;
  • Agricultural measures.

Protective measures aim to prevent external and internal irradiation.

The authorities and the public have to be informed early enough so that the necessary protective measures can be implemented in time. This takes place according to defined procedures (warning and alerting), which are monitored regularly.