Monitoring networks

Measuring the ambient dose rate

NEOC automatic monitoring network

The Automatic Dose Alarm and Monitoring Network (NADAM) consists of 71 stations located at MeteoSwiss sites throughout Switzerland. They transmit the measured ambient dose rate, together with data on local rainfall at ten-minute intervals to the NEOC. If the threshold value of 1000 nanosievert per hour is exceeded, the alarm is raised immediately. The NADAM data are evaluated daily at the NEOC and enable external radiation to be monitored over a large area.

Network in the vicinity of the nuclear power plants

The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (HSK) operates the Network for Automatic Monitoring of the Dose Rate in the Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants (MADUK). The ambient dose rate is measured at a total of 57 locations, each within a radius of five kilometres from a nuclear power plant. MADUK enables the monitoring of external radiation in a smaller area in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant. This network is also equipped with an alarm system. The recorded data and any reports of an emergency are sent directly to the NEOC.

Atomic warning posts

108 atomic warning posts (AWP) are located at cantonal police stations, border control posts and fire stations across Switzerland. They are equipped with portable measurement instruments and, where necessary, are mobilised and used by the NEOC. In this way, it has a series of additional measurement data at its disposal which supplement and/or verify the NADAM data.


Air collection networks

Air collection networks enable the recording of even the smallest traces of airborne radioactive substances.
The Section Environmental Radioactivity (URA) of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (SFOPH) operates two distinct air collection networks: RADAIR and LUSAN.
The RADAIR network enables the radioactivity in the air to be monitored over a larger area. Aerosol measuring equipment is continuously in operation at 11 locations, particularly along the national borders. This system filters the air and evaluates it online. All stations are equipped with alpha and beta measuring facilities and calculate the proportion of artificial beta activity of the aerosols in the air. The measured data are automatically transmitted to the base station in Fribourg. The NEOC has access to these data and receives any alert reports.
LUSAN is a network of a wide range of air and aerosol collectors, which are part of the SFOPH monitoring programme.

Monitoring networks in Switzerland