Agricultural measures

A variety of protective measures can be implemented in the agricultural sector in the event of increased radioactivity. These include the stabling of farm animals, the provision of sufficient reserves of animal feed and the harvesting of ripened produce. Since these are precautionary in nature, they must be carried out prior to the passage of a radioactive cloud. However, the protection of the population always takes priority.

To minimise the entry of particles, the ventilation in agricultural buildings should be reduced for the entire duration of the passage of the radioactive cloud.

Following the large-scale release of radioactivity and subsequent deposition in the soil, contamination of fresh agricultural produce in excess of the prescribed limiting values must be expected. For this reason, decisions on prohibiting the consumption of certain agricultural produce must be made on a case-by-case basis. This can prevent radioactive substances entering the body as a result of ingesting foodstuffs and thus protect against long-term internal irradiation of the body.