Staff Organisation

If an incident arises, NEOC is able to call up some 30 employees of its own immediately. All of them live in the vicinity of NEOC and are trained in various fields so that key positions can be staffed rapidly. Within an hour NEOC is ready to operate.

During operations, NEOC serves as a civilian staff organisation. An operations chief and a chief of staff are in charge of various joint functional areas (J): J1 Personnel, J2 Situation, J3 Operations, J4 Logistics/Support, J5 Information, J6 Command Support. In addition, we have the N and C specialist staffs (radioactivity and chemistry). Finally there is also the joint functional area J7 Doctrine and Training which only exists in training exercises.

In the event of smaller incidents or such that call for latent observation, NEOC forms what are called core teams consisting of specialists from different joint functional areas. Their task is to continually monitor an event and prepare for operations which includes making arrangements with partners, obtaining information and informing the population.