Altogether some 30 people are working for NEOC of which a third are women. The various language regions of Switzerland are also well represented. As national expert authority language skills are of particular importance for NEOC.

Due to its tasks involved most employees come from technical and scientific professions such as geophysics, physics, chemistry, meteorology, engineering or telecommunications.

NEOC is divided into two staff units and four sectors:

Staff unit information
The Information unit is responsible for media work and information events. Together with the partner organisations it develops the concepts for providing information in the event of a major incident. During operations, it coordinates how the public is informed on an incident. If the NEOC prescribes measures to protect the population, this sector also ensures that the public is informed accordingly.
Staff unit Strategy and Coordination
This unit provides internal coordination and administration. It is in control of the development of partner network in Switzerland, our network with foreign partner organisations and international organisations.

Reporting and Situation Centre
This body monitors situations relevant for civil protection and ensures that important information is passed on to the partner organisations. Such situations are portrayed for the partner organisations on the Electronic Situation Display system. The Reporting and Situation Centre also assumes tasks relating to chemistry and develops the Information System for Hazardous Substances.

This sector assesses the radiological situation, directs the federal monitoring teams and works out basic radioactive expertise on behalf of the NEOC. In an emergency this sector provides personnel for the Radioactivity Specialist Staff.

Operational Systems
This sector provides for maintenance and development of operational applications of NEOC and for a highly reliable IT environment.It maintains NEOC's operation rooms and communications systems and ensures that they are always available for an operation that may last for a longer period.

Operations Management
This sector is in charge of NEOC's Warning Centre, operational documents and operation-specific training of NEOC staff. It attends to the procedures of the Warning Centre and the standby service of NEOC.