Around 40 people work for the NEOC. Native speakers of all of Switzerland’s national languages are well represented. Having a workforce with good language skills is important for a national specialist service like the NEOC. The majority of NEOC employees come from a scientific or technical background, specialising in fields like geophysics, physics, chemistry, meteorology, engineering and telecommunications. Women make up roughly one-quarter of the NEOC workforce.

NEOC is divided into six sectors and one staff unit. During operations, each sector acts as a joint functional area (FGG) within the staff organisation (cf. Deployment in emergencies). FGG 5 Information is manned by the Communication Department of the FOCP.

Planning and Management Staff Unit
oversees internal coordination and administrative processes. It is also responsible for managing the development of NEOC’s concepts and network of domestic, foreign and international partner organisations.
Staff unit Strategy and Coordination
This unit provides internal coordination and administration. It is in control of the development of partner network in Switzerland, our network with foreign partner organisations and international organisations.

Reporting and Situation Centre
identifies and assesses Bevölkerungsschutzrelevante Lageareas of relevance to civil protection efforts (BREL) and ensures that NEOC partner organisations receive key information. Partner organisations can also access BREL information on the Electronic Situation Display (ESD NEOC). When an incident occurs, BREL information is supplemented with situational and customised communication products.

identifies and assesses the radiological situation, manages the federal sampling and measurement system and produces radioactivity-specific documentation. During operations, it functions as the Specialist Staff Radioactivity.

manages the NEOC Warning Centre, operational documentation and operational training for NEOC staff. It also oversees the processes of the NEOC Warning Centre and the NEOC standby service, as well as the NEOC’s key operational processes, and carries out regular reviews of the NEOC’s operational readiness.

Operational Systems
operates a highly-available IT infrastructure. It also is responsible for maintaining and developing operational applications. It takes the lead on operation-specific IT projects for all Civil Protection partners, in areas such as the coordinated incident monitoring system, the exchange of data and alert channels.

Federal Civil Protection Crisis Management Board
runs the Federal Civil Protection Crisis Management Board  (BSTB). It also develops and attends to the processes of the different parts of the BSTB during preparatory phases (Directors’ Conference, planning element) and ensures coherence and links between the work of the BSTB and that of the federal and cantonal agencies and infrastructure operators. During operations, it acts as the staff unit of the Federal Civil Protection Crisis Management Board.