Deployment in emergencies

NEOC forms the nucleus of an emergency organisation that can rapidly come to play in the event of incidents.

NEOC can be reached by its partner organisation round the clock 365 days a year. Every message is assessed by a standby team. It takes preliminary measures and calls up the first echelons.

For re-enforcement particularly during operations that last for longer periods NEOC can call in a militia-based military unit; the Federal NEOC Military Staff. In this way peak periods can be provided for, requirements for additional specialists can be met and long sustainability can be ensured.

In the event of major incidents the Federal NBCN Crisis Management Board (nuclear, biological, chemical and natural dangers) comes to play. On the one hand NEOC provides with its alert systems for the call-up of its members and on the other, together with employees from all divisions of the Federal Office of Civil Protection, it gives management support to the Federal NBCN Crisis Management Board.