National partners

To fulfil its tasks, the National Emergency Operations Centre cooperates with various federal and cantonal authorities and also with the armed forces and the partners of the Civil Protection organisation.

Cantonal management staffs, the operation centres of cantonal police forces and the cantonal laboratories are its most important cantonal partners.

Federal partners include the specialist agencies for NBC and natural dangers:

- Federal Office of Public Health
- Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI,
- Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI),
- Institut radiophysique (IRA) in Lausanne,
- Spiez Laboratory

Biology Section
- Federal Office of Public Health
- Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office

Chemistry Section
- Federal Office for the Environment
- Federal Office of Public Health
- Spiez Laboratory
- Tox Info Suisse

Natural Incidents Section
- Federal Office for the Environment
- MeteoSwiss
- Swiss Seismological Service SSS
- Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF.

In addition NEOC collaborates with various other agencies, e.g. with the Swiss Federal Office for Energy, the Federal Chancellery, the Armed Forces Joint Staff, the Federal Intelligence Service and the air force. Partnership with networks of the private sector is becoming more and more important, e.g. energy, telecommunications and traffic network operators, radio and television providers obliged to broadcast information or the operators of critical infrastructure (nuclear installations).

NEOC is linked to all these partners through current processes, regular agreements and joint exercises. Especially secure communication links exist to some partners. Information is generally exchanged via redundant systems.