Military service within the NEOC military staff

The Federal NEOC Staff is constantly looking for persons of all ranks liable to do military service from the following professions or fields of study

  • Cartographers, geographers, environment scientists
  • Expertise in supervision, nuclear power plants, physics, radiation protection
  • Expertise in handling biological, chemical and natural dangers
  • Expertise relating to traffic management (rail, road, air), energy (electric power and gas supply), information and communications technology
  • Computer scientists/designers
  • Communication experts,
  • Radio journalists/ technicians
  • Social media experts

The Federal NEOC Staff offers people the opportunity to apply their own civilian expertise in an exciting field of emergency and crisis management. NEOC consists of motivated and well trained specialists from a variety of fields.

Expertise relating to staff work, radioactivity, situation appraisal, compilation of scenarios, communication procedures and techniques during an incident and emergency management are trained within the staff. Staff members cooperate with specialists from other fields in an interdisciplinary environment. Exercises are carried out several times a year.

Persons wishing to serve in the Federal NEOC Staff must meet the following requirements:

  • At least three years of service still due
  • At least 60 service days still due
  • At least 5 semesters of study in a field of expertise mentioned (university or college of higher education)
  • Previous knowledge or interest in a field of expertise mentioned
  • Highly motivated, independent worker, person of integrity

Persons interested should send their brief curriculum vitae directly to In addition to the usual information provided they must also state the following without fail:

  • Current military allocation and rank
  • Number of service days still due
  • Preferred joint functional area (if applicable).